Buyers 1% Cash Back Program

1% Closing Cost Rebate

Buyer's Reward Program: 1% Cash Back at Closing

Jimmy’s Cash Program

As a way of saying thank you for trusting him to find you the perfect house, getting it inspected and securing your loan through his partners, Jimmy is proud to offer his clients up to 1% of the cost of any home towards the closing cost.

If your home mortgage is for $650,000 then you can wipe up to $6,500 off your closing cost bill!

This is a no strings attached gift from Jimmy as a thank you for being a client.

How's it Work?

5 Easy Steps to 1% Cash Back
Step 1: Get pre-approved for a mortgage

Step 2: Get your home inspected

Step 3: Secure your loan

Step 4: Get a home warranty

Step 5: Get up to 1% cash rebate at time of closing.

How Much Can I Get Back?

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